Poor little smashed car

Well, I was in my first ever proper accident today – I was sitting at the lights, minding my own business, when BAM! I was smacked from behind by a lady in a Camry. One minute I’m sitting there, gazing idly out the window at a red light, and the next second there’s this enourmous noise, there’s shit flying everywhere around the inside of my car, I’m looking around going “huh?”. There was a second pause, as my car was knocked forward by the impact, then another big crash as her momentum carried her again into my car.

So, needless to say, my car is somewhat a playground of twisted metal and plastic at the moment. Hopefully she’s insured properly, and more hopefully the car is written off so I can buy a new uber one.

I felt tremendously sorry for the poor lady, she felt so bad and was really shaken up; I was freaked out after I got out of the car for a minute, then realised that it was a better excuse to be late for work than the one I was planning on using anyway.

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