Went and saw Bedazzled the other night, expecting it to be few mildly pleasant and amusing antics as Brendan Fraser bumbled around in his typical gumby manner. Instead, I was basically treated to what was a non-stop visual rollercoaster which demonstrated in precise detail EXACTLY how hot Elizabeth Hurley is.

Simply put, she spends most of the time strutting around in costumes that have been designed from the ground up to prove that English chicks can be hot, despite their horribly flawed accent (and country’s current cricket team).

The movie, directed by Harold Ramis (aka Egon from Ghostbusters) is based on the first movie from a way long time ago back when movies were black and white or something. OK, so I don’t know anything about the earlier movie, but suffice to say it sure as hell didn’t have Ms Hurley in it. Anyway, being by Harold Ramis, you might think it is going to be quite the funny story (as I did). Basically, the plot goes something like this: Brendan Fraser (loser, nerd, and hated by all) runs into the Devil in a bar – Liz Hurley. She offers him seven wishes, whatever he wants, in return for his soul.

What follows then is a 7 different iterations of Brendan Fraser turning into a rich, or athletic, or compassionate, or super-intelligent, or suave, or various combinations of the above, whilst at the same time trying to make the object of his affection fall in love with him. None of these had me rofl’ing, but at the end of each adventure he runs back into Elizabeth again, wearing some different outfit that makes her look ever spootier than the one before.

Oh, and its set in San Francisco – they could have redeemed some of the boring story bits with some awesome scenery shots, but they didn’t.

To summarise, in case you haven’t read between the lines, Elizabeth Hurley is hot in this movie. There is really no other excuse for wanting to see it. Don’t delude yourself. Ramis, what were you thinking!@#

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