Charlie’s Angels

Heard good things about this one the entire time it was showing, but somehow managed to put it off until it came out on video. So, I was looking forward to it. Looking at the posters and other promo stuff, you know its got a few things going for it, namely three really good looking chicks.

Kicked it off and was pretty disappointed for the first 10 or 15 minutes; a collection of really bad sexual innuendo and just general childishness. However, things soon picked up when Bill Murray came in (just seeing him on-screen made it all worthwhile, he’s just funny without even doing anything, and when he does stuff, he’s hilarious!) and the movie started rolling.

Not ever having watched Charlie’s Angels ever before, or knowing anything about it other than the general concept of three chicks doing crimefighting stuff, I ended up sitting back soaking it up. The story was the usual action flick thing: bad guy has stolen something, someone wants it back, etc. In fact, I barely even remember. I remember the first fight scene, which was when I started to think the movie might not totally suck with the sound on, and after that it was pretty decent.

Essentially, it was pretty much a vessel to show off a couple of hot chicks doing ninja stuff. Starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, there’s a good selection of hotties to watch. The fight scenes were pretty decent, with some nice Matrix style action. For some reason the fact that it is all sychronized hot girl action is pretty much the main attraction to this film. In fact, I don’t really remember anything else happening, except the usual bad guys losing.

See this if you just want a simple turn-off-brain action movie with good looking girls. Any further depth in a review of this movie would really waste your time, and mine.

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