Shirakawa, Japan

I’ll try to avoid talking repeatedly about how cool I find simply everything in Japan. The entire place is just so totally different in every way to Australia that even mundane experiences like driving to the shops are these amazing Burke and Wills-esque adventures.

Last night we headed out for a yakitori dinner – Brad, Tristan, Paul, Yoko and some of Paul’s family and me – and had a great meal. The most noteworth event for me at least was some of the bizarre dishes – things I’d never try back home but I feel compelled to do it when I’m in these crazy FOR’N parts.

Raw horsemeat was the first thing we tried. Squishy. We then moved on to a more normal dish of chicken balls (actually just balls made up of chicken, or so we were told). After that we got some interesting bits – liver, heart, gizzards and something which was described as ‘head’. Deciding that two new food types was a good solid amount for me I stuck with the head and found it to smell like cat, but taste like lamb. Weird.

We hit the batting cages today and have just generally hung out relaxing and recovering from the food and beer of last night. More fun is planned for tonight.

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