The Holiday – Summarised

nb: this is a work in progress.

Kilometres travelled: 47,676 (as reckoned by Google Earth)

Major cities visited: Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Cologne.

Favourite city: Paris

Most impressive place: Mont-St-Michel

Best view: Carnelion Room, San Francisco

Best Beer:

Best World Cup moment: Having chanting competitions with the Brazilians in the Hofbrauhaus beer hall in Munich.

Worst World Cup moment: Can’t remember

Best looking girls: Paris

Best looking guys: What? No idea

Most concrete city: Los Angeles

Best newspaper headline: “5 day 32 degree heatwave” – London

Emails upon return to work: 12,513

Number of emails that were spam: 9,842

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