WackGet v1.2.3

b2 whipped up a modified version of WackGet, upgrading the included version of wget (to version 1.10.2) and including support for SSL. The main reason for the upgrade was to provide Large File Support, which means you can now use WackGet to download things like America’s Army more easily.

We’re currently testing it before doing a more public release, so if you’re interested in helping out with testing please download it here. Leave comments!

UPDATED 2011-08-04: We have a new version of WackGet that now works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Check it out here.

10 thoughts on “WackGet v1.2.3”

  1. No not yet! Getting Vista and Windows 7 support in there is on my list of things to do for v1.2.4. I will try and have a crack on the weekend.

  2. Actually I just tested it in Win7 and it seems fine, so it must just be something weird with Vista. Will try and spend some more time on it soon.

  3. Glad to hear the project is not dead. Although your version is a little big (2,10 MB) compared to originals 314 KB of uncompressed size. I prefer orig for now :)

    It would be great making this utility portable, thus making it write it’s settings in it’s own directory, making it use relative path for Download directory and finally making an archived version available for downloading.

    Making an option in Preferences that automatically captures clipboard url(s) would also be great, but current feature (right click > Add from Clipboard) is not to complicated either I guess.

    You should probably update/add the about dialog also, with current maintainer and version.

  4. The reason this version is so much bigger is it includes the DLL files necessary to support SSL. I figured that was more important than saving a couple meg :)

    In terms of portability, totally agree – that is how I think all applications should work. I’ll add that and a ZIP version for release to the TODO list.

    The clipboard capturing sounds like a good idea too.

  5. trog, Thank you infinitely for enhancing this best downloader i know with now support for files over 2gbs in the future – the program even left with its looks and functions from before is perfect!, as that’s why i kept and used it for all these years. Even if nothing besides large file support is added – it will still be too great!

    i could fantasize now for the progress bar (as the torrents have, for easier visual display of download progress) and an option for setting the download speed limit, but as i said, absolutely nothing changed (even leaving the program unportable, and of course the small file size of just a couple of mbs) is just way more than one needs! As it’s simplicity and very few options are just why it is a such great and to me the BEST downloader from the beginning!!

    Thank you too much for your time and will doing this trog!

  6. Hi trog,
    wackget has been a real companion for several years now but, as you know, all good things come to an end.
    I have a new laptop with Windows7 64bit and it seems there is no way to let wackget work. Do you have any suugestion?
    Thank you very much.

  7. I haven’t had a chance to look at Windows Vista/7 compatibility yet sorry – I’m still running Windows XP. I’m hoping to find time to look at it (or get someone else to look at it) soon!!

  8. Good news, everyone!

    We’ve got a new version that works in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Massive apologies for the delay.

    I hope to have it up soon after some more testing.

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