Firefox Ctrl-K Doesn't Use Search Box?

I’ve had a problem for a while where pressing CTRL-K in Firefox would open a small dialog instead of just setting the cursor onto the search box. I finally upgraded to Firefox v2.0 and this behaviour changed so that instead of giving me even the search dialog it would take me to the Google Firefox Start page, which was obviously annoying.

I couldn’t find a fix for this so had to tool around until I figured it out – to cut a long boring story of trial and error short, I had to:

1) Right click on the search dialog

2) Click ‘customize’

3) Drag the Search Bar off the toolbar (removing it entirely)

4) Drag it back

2 thoughts on “Firefox Ctrl-K Doesn't Use Search Box?”

  1. When I use ctrl-k under firefox 3.5.5 when my navigation bar is disabled the search is always done via… The solution you provided doesn’t seem to work. Any other suggestions?

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