Linksys WAG325N Hardware Problems

A follow-up to my earlier post about problems with the Linksys WAG325N ADSL modem device – after going through a couple of hours of Live Chat with the Linksys team, they have finally admitted defeat and asked me to send it back in, as it seems a hardware fault is responsible for at least the 10mbit fallback problem.

Several other users are still reporting the problems; some have also sent theirs back only to get another faulty unit and have to send it back again – so hopefully at some point in the process we’ll end up getting working units.

I am hoping there’s just a bad batch of these things out there and it’s a relatively simple hardware fault that can be magically fixed. This is my first time buying Linksys hardware so needless to say I’m a little disappointed; I’m especially not looking forward to sending this back and being without a modem/switch/wifi device for the duration.

2 thoughts on “Linksys WAG325N Hardware Problems”

  1. Same thing here. Losing the wireless and the dsl connection off and on, not to mention the DNS nightmares.
    Had a wag300n for three years without a glitch.
    Sitting in Kuwait there is no way of returning it to the dealers over here.
    Cisco they say?

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