New Versions of MediaCoder No Longer Open Source

In addition to my below post, I was surprised to find the source for the latest version of MediaCoder is not available. Poking around on the forums I found a bunch of people that point out it hasn’t been open source for ages, which I didn’t realise. Articles like this one on their blog – asking for nomination in’s Community Choice Awards – make this a little confusing.

It looks like you can still get the source for old (pre v0.7) versions, so I guess it still qualifies as open source in that regard, but Vic has pointed out MediaCoder is listed on ffmpeg’s Hall of Shame and there’s an ongoing ticket to try and get it removed from SourceForge.

I’ve always loved MediaCoder; it’s an awesome piece of software for video transcoding and takes a lot of the headaches. But really, all it does is provide a nice front-end to a bunch of open source tools and chains them together in a useful way. It seems the developers of MediaCoder have decided they’d rather pursue it as a commercial project now, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens from here.

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