How to Record Triple J To Your Computer

After reading Hogfather’s post in this forum thread about people recording stuff off the radio it occurred to me that people probably don’t know how to do it in this new era of digital streaming radio.

Be aware that this is almost certainly not fair use and almost certainly is a violation of copyright. It is here for educational purposes only. I personally use this if there’s a song on the radio that I want to remember to look up later so I just grab a little bit of the lyrics so I can Google for it later to find out what song it is.

Here’s how to do it (you will need some familiarity with using the command line):

1) Get wget. I’ll assume you’re using Windows, so go to the wget for Windows page and grab the latest version.

2) Go the TripleJ website and look for the ‘Listen Live’ box which has the MP3 stream link.

3) Right click the link and save the file (triplej.m3u) to your computer.

4) Open that file in a text editor like notepad – it will just contain a single line, which will be a HTTP URL to the mp3 audio stream (at the time of writing that URL is

5) Open your command prompt and invoke wget with that URL (or the URL in the file, if it’s different, obviously) as the parameter:


This will start downloading an mp3 file which is a recording of what is playing on the Triple J stream.

WARNING: If you don’t stop it downloading, that file will grow to be huge. It will keep downloading as long as the stream is active. Just hit CTRL-C to stop it downloading once you’ve recorded the section of the song you want.

One thought on “How to Record Triple J To Your Computer”

  1. Cheers for the tip!

    Devin Townsend is hosting tonight but I’ve got work tomorrow. Now I can listen to it whenever.


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