Extended Link Properties for Firefox v3.x

Ever looked at a link to a file online and wanted to find out how big the file is? Sure, if you’re hardcore you can fire up a command prompt and just do “wget –spider –debug [url]” or whatever, but surely you should just be able to right click on it and go to Properties and get a file size, just like in Windows, right?!

Well, the Extended Link Properties add-on fore Firefox is what I’ve always used to do exactly that. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for a billion years and doesn’t work in newer versions of Firefox.

I’ve been using the Nightly Tester Tools to force compatibility (because it’s just a version requirement) but I finally got bored with it constantly breaking every new Firefox version. I’ve dissected the add-on and re-built it into a new XPI which I have dubbed ‘Extended Link Properties v1.2.4’.

Anyone wanting to download it can do so here (md5sum: 03e3e278c2d8b921401cf1a8b68efc45), though you’ll need to manually install it at the moment by downloading the .xpi file, then in Firefox simply go to the File Menu then hit Open File and browse to the XPI. You’ll get the usual notice.

I have emailed Torisugari, the original developer of the add-on, to see if he’s still around. I’ll try and get it on the official extension site at some point if he replies.

Update: Torisugari has replied and pointed out the file is tri-licensed already under MPL/GPL/LGPL. He also points out that this extension will only useful up to version 3.5.x of Firefox – after that the Firefox developers have decided to remove support for the Properties dialog. If you use Properties and/or Extended Link Properties, you should head over and add your voice to that bug report.

As a result of that I’ve changed the v1.2.4 build of ELP that I put together to only support up to v3.5.x of Firefox.

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