Updated newspost v2.1.1-4 Source Package

I’ve been uploading stacks of files to Usenet over on AusGamers lately to try and make it easier for gamers to get them, doing it all on Linux using newspost. I’ve been struggling with an issue for a few months – an error which stops a posting session in its tracks.

WARNING: unexpected server response: 240 post
WARNING: unexpected server response: 240 post
Socket error: Broken pipe

Fortunately newspost is awesome and with some careful checking I’ve been able to resume broken uploads by manually posting parts of files, but uploading large files (like the 10gb LOTRO client I uploaded over the weekend) is a total pain in the ass, as it means I’m constantly spending time restarting it (and it’s not uploading).

Well, I finally decided to try and fix it, but Googled the error first, and of course someone already had. Debian have a patch available which fixes this error. The official newspost site hasn’t been updated since 2003, so if you’re like me and just want a source tarball, I’ve patched the original source with it and made it available right here.

One thought on “Updated newspost v2.1.1-4 Source Package”

  1. Thank you very much, this error nearly drove me crazy today. Hopefully, the 120+GB remaining will do fine, thanks to you!


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