Fixing ICS Timezones for Outlook

If you’ve ever used a web application that generates a .ics calendar file for you to import into Outlook, you might have run into problems with timezones. I’ve gone through the same thing the last couple of years with the GDC schedule builder webapp, which is really handy but insists on sending me an .ics file with the local US/Pacific times. This means that when I import it they all end up wrong (eg, a 10am lecture is stored in my calendar as 10am Brisbane time, so when I shift timezones all the meetings end up getting moved and I get appointment alarms going off in the middle of the night, which is annoying when you’re jetlagged).

The only way to easily fix it that I could find is to manually open each calendar item after importing and adjust the timezone. This is time consuming and boring.

I had a quick look around and couldn’t find something to fix this easily, so I wrote a very simple .ics timezone fixer which reads in a pasted .ics file and will convert the timestamps in it to UTC based on a couple of simple rules, so that when you import them into your calendar the times are stored correctly.

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