Uploading Facebook Photos to a Page Via Email

Every time I want to do this I forget where to go to find the email address.

I am looking after several Facebook Pages for work – the capital-P “Page” that you create for a company. I’m often out-and-about and sometimes want to be able to snap a photo on my mobile phone and then add it to Facebook – but the default sharing stuff built in to Android is only hooked in to my personal Facebook account, and there’s no provision to do things on Pages for which I am an administrator.

I don’t want to log into the mobile version of the site and use it that way either, because it’s simply a pain to do on mobile. Fortunately, Facebook have you covered – you can simply take a photo, ‘share’ it via email, and mail it to a private mailbox for each of your pages.

The email address is never where I think it is though – I often click on the ‘Photos’ link on the left side of the Page profile and then go through the upload process looking for it, but it isn’t available there.

There are two places that I can find it listed – neither require you to “Use Facebook as Page” for the Page, but I usually do it anyway.

1) Click ‘edit info’ at the top of the Page to go into profile editing mode. Select ‘Mobile’ from the new left side menu and look for the ‘With Mobile Email’ section.

2) At the top of your Page, look for the usual Share module (where you’d go to post a status update) and hit the ‘Photo’ link. Select “Upload a photo from your drive” (even though that’s not what you’re doing) and just below the “browse” option that appears you’ll see a new link called “upload via email” which, when clicked, will present your upload email address.

You should keep this email address private – failure to do so will mean anyone with it can add photos to your Facebook Page. Fortunately Facebook thought of that already and has an option that lets you reset the email address if it is compromised.

3 thoughts on “Uploading Facebook Photos to a Page Via Email”

  1. I have a page for my business and I looked at what is described here and do not find an option to email photos to be uploaded for the business FB page. For my personal page I see that option with an email address. Has FB changed yet again and does not permit you to email photos to be uploaded onto business pages??

    Thanks for your response.

  2. It’s been ages since I tried this; just had a quick look and can’t see anything so maybe it has been disabled :(

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