I Cannot Unsubscribe from the Ford Australia Email Newsletter!

I subscribed to the Ford Australia newsletter a while back as part of some competition; at the time I was also looking for a new car so I didn’t mind the occasional email about car-related things.

I decided to unsubscribe a few months ago, but I still kept getting the newsletters. At first I thought I only imagined unsubscribing, so I did it again – but to no avail. I went back and checked my email history, and sure enough I have confirmation that I have been unsubscribed, but I clearly keep getting emails:

Like most corporate newsletters, it irritatingly doesn’t give me any direct contact options – the reply address is do_not_reply@ford.com.au (which I tested and of course bounces). I clicked through to the Ford website and have filled out the contact form, so I shall wait and see if a human gets back to me to help me resolve this problem.

Having worked extensively on newsletter unsubscribing processes and systems on various BigPond properties for the last few years, I’m fairly tolerant of errors like this – as I know it is one of those things that sounds like it should be really easy, but it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to capture all cases. As long as there’s a reliable contact/support process though, it should never be a really big deal – as long as you can always get through to a human who can understand your problem and resolve it.

Update: The Ford guys got back to me within 24 hours to let me know they’d unsubscribed me manually. I will see if I get any more :)

2 thoughts on “I Cannot Unsubscribe from the Ford Australia Email Newsletter!”

  1. That’s what I’ve done – you can see the confirmation that I did that in the screenshot (the emails with the subject “Your unsubscribe request was successful” are the responses to those emails) – but it ain’t workin’!

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