Listening to the 2016 Hottest 100 without Flash

Unfortunately a combination of travel and time difference meant that for Australia Day this year I missed out on one of favourite yearly events – listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100.

Fortunately, they know that there are many Australians around the world that can’t listen to it real time, and make a full replay of the whole thing available for streaming on their [massive spoiler warning!] Hottest 100 sitelet.

Unfortunately, it seems to have a hard dependency on Flash, something which I gave up on about a year ago and don’t want to try.

Fortunately, the streams are listed fairly obviously in the HTML of the page, and they are perfectly compatible with VLC. If you have VLC (and why wouldn’t you), you can use the following stream URLs and simply paste them into the box that appears when you go to Media->Open Network Stream:

PART 1 (#100 – #76)
PART 2 (#75 – #51)
PART 3 (#50 – #24)
PART 4 (#23 – #1)

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