Aussies in Munich

A quick summary of the action in Munich, just copied and pasted from my post to QGL about it:

Well, I am currently in Munich and watched the game at the FanFest here out at the Olympic Park. Unfortunately I can’t get photos online but if you google I’m sure some people have gotten some up. There were thousands and thousands of people out there – I can’t even estimate how many but it was packed out. Lots and lots and LOTS of Aussies, which is awesome.

The few nights before here in Munich were great too. The atmosphere here is just indescribable. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it is being in a crowded German beerhall with thousands of people all here for the soccer.

Most of the Aussies we’ve met here (like us) don’t even have tickets – it is so cool to see so much support for the Socceroos even from people that aren’t going to the games. Everyone is (generally) in such a great mood; it is really nice to see people from all countries just getting along. Everyone seems to love the Aussies (although we keep hearing Americans saying weird things; I think they’re copping a lot of shit from everyone – including Australians – and are suprised that no one seems to like them).

It is really cool to be able to walk around and see random groups of Aussies (you just here cries of “Aussie!” everywhere as you’re walking down the street). The day of the Brazil game we were all meeting in Marienplatz (big square here) and random tourists would walk past all the Aussies drinking beer and stop to take our photo. We get lots of people just walking up to us to say hello and shake our hand and to wish us luck.

Of course the Brazilians were getting their share of the love as well – they’re noisy and are just partying all the time. They’ve got the drums going and are doing a lot of chanting. I thought they were remarkably restrained after the game – I guess they’re used to winning. It would have been total fucking chaos here last night had Australia won – we would have torn the town apart with drunken revelry!

The weather here is beautiful too. Drinking steins of beer is awesome but surprisingly hard work – after the second litre of beer you need a breather.

I thought the game was pretty good, Aussies did well considering they were up against the favourite of the entire competition and one of the best teams in the world. We were unlucky with a few shots (and I think calls) but overall it was a top game and I can’t wait to go to Stuttgart to see how we go against the Croats.

After the game some of the guys we were with busted out a Sherrin and started kicking it around the (crowded) field we were on. Everyone had a good laugh as all the crazy-ass Aussies ran around chasing the footy going for marks and tackling the shit out of each other. Well, everyone except the people that got sconed in the head by the footy.

It is just so amazing being here.

Euro Summer

Summer in Europe has arrived, with a vengeance. French and Dutch people are heading outside in droves with such reckless abandon for the safety of their skin that it makes a Queenslander cringe in fear for their lives. Despite the fact that this side of the globe still has an ozone layer and you can actually last ten or twenty minutes in the sun without having to spend the next 48 hours in sunburn hell, you still can cop a pretty good dosage of UV – as is now evident by the vast numbers of crispy red Euro-types that I am now seeing everywhere.

I’ve just gotten back from a weekend in Amsterdam visiting Soph, who has this ridiculously awesome apartment situated basically in the middle of town next to an actual real canal. Amsterdam seems like a really awesome place to live – really relaxed, beautiful surroundings, lots of nice pubs. Didn’t really do a lot of general purpose tourist stuff and instead spent time hanging out, plus one trip to the beach on the Saturday – along with most of the population of Amsterdam. They sure do love nuding it up on the beaches there.

Found a nice little Aussie bar on the beach which sold Tooheys New, so we sat around there for a while and soaked up the Aussie beer whilst sitting inside watching some of the footy. After that we decided we needed more Aussie beer, so upon returning to Amsterdam we got some dinner, found another Aussie pub, watched some more football and drank a stack. Awesome fun.

Back in Paris now – the Aussie game vs Japan was yesterday and boy it was awesome to watch. Unfortunately my train back from Amsterdam was delayed so I didn’t get back in time to find a good pub and ended up watching it on TV, but it was still a freakin’ awesome game.

Off now to watch yet more football – France’s first game is this afternoon so it’ll be cool to hit the pubs for that.