Vote-o-matic 2010!


This is a simple web-based system that aims to help you figure out who you should vote for in the upcoming Australian election.


All you do is list your preference on the following listed polices and click the button. It then simply scans through a list of all the parties and their recorded support for that policy (if known), comparing the two.

The data used is from excellent spreadsheet by some anonymous Internet people. All credit should go to them for doing the hard work! (A snapshot of the data used here is viewable here, or downloadable as an OpenOffice spreadsheet, ~15kb).

It is completely anonymous.


Because it's really important that Australian voters are informed voters. Unfortunately our media does a pretty lousy job of helping keep Australians informed, focusing heavily on a small number of issues and giving a lot more attention to the bigger parties. Know your options!

Don't forget, usage of this page is no substitute for proper research. But that will take a long time and this is much faster.


You can contact me using this form. Interested in any ideas, suggestions, etc.

Make your choices...

If you're not sure about something, just leave it blank or select neutral (on the TODO is to try to provide some more detailed information about each policy).


Nuclear medicine (eg Radiation treatments, diagnosis/imaging)
Altruistic Surrogacy
Voluntary Euthanasia
Adding Medication to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme:
Increased spending on mental illness
Sexual Dysfunction Treatments (Viagra, Cialis, and others)
Medicare rebate for IVF
Medicare rebate for psychological services
Aids Prevention
Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Women's Choice in Abortion

LGBT Rights

Equal Rights (All Matters)
Same-sex Parenting
Anti-Discrimination (of all couples)
IVF Treatment (Lesbians)
Same-sex Marriage
Civil Unions
State-based Relationship Registers

International/Human Rights

On-Shore Processing
Off-Shore Processing (For Example: Christmas Island, Nauru)
Reduction of skilled migration
Increase of refugee migration
Withdrawal From UN Treaties on Immigration and Refugees
Withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Family & Childcare

Abolition of the Family Court
Paid parental leave
Payment for stay at home mothers
Payment for stay at home fathers
Means testing of family payments


Harm Minimisation Strategies
Prevention Strategies
Rehabilitation Strategies
Avoidance Strategies
Medical Marijuana
Referendum on mandatory capital punishment for manufacturers & traffickers of hard drugs
Legalisation of currently illegal drugs


The Murray-Darling Basin
2020 Greenhouse Reduction Target
Carbon pricing
Desalination Schemes
Reduction in Fuel Taxes
Cuts to Existing Logging Agreements
Continued Access to Public Lands for: Rec. Fishing, Shooting & Hunting
Public Transport Expansion
Creating Marine Parks and Restricting Recreational Fishing
Genetically modified crops
Widespread use of Recycled Water in Municipal Systems
Use of Recycled water for Industry and Agriculture


Renewable Energy
Uranium Mining
Nuclear Power
Promotion of Energy Efficiency
Promotion of a Sustainable Approach to Water Management

Industrial relations

Australian Workplace Agreement
WorkChoices legislation (2005)


Mandatory Internet Filter - ISP Level
Computer Games: "R" Rating
Computer Games: "X" Rating
National Classification System
Abolishment of "X" Rating

Business / Taxation

Corporate Taxation (Increases)
Goods & Services Tax (G.S.T.) (1998) (relevance?)
G.S.T. removal from Gas & Electricity Bills (2001)
Tax Exempt Status: Religions
Mining Tax (2010)


National Broadband Network
Structural Separation of Telstra


Development of a National Curriculum
Government funding for religious schools
Merit-based pay for teachers


Lie detectors to be accepted as evidence in solving crime
Liberalisation of Gun Laws

Constitutional/Electoral Reform

Constitution Reform
Citizens Initiative Referendum
Restoration of all state Upper-Houses
Banning of How-to-vote cards
Above the line preferential voting in Senate
Referendum on political campaign funding
Banning the use of public money for political purposes
Bill of Rights
Referendum on a republic

[testing] Count opposite views as negatives