Dell M1210 Blue Screen when Connecting iPod Touch

My Dell M1210 running Windows XP recently started blue screening whenever I would plug in my iPod Touch. This happened shortly after updating to the latest iTunes v8.0.1 (I think – definitely new post v8). Googling revealed it was not an uncommon problem; Apple even have a support article which basically blames other drivers.

I was skeptical but I’d read in some other posts other people with Logitech drivers (mouse drivers, if you can credit it) fixed their issues with a driver update, so I hit the Dell site and got the latest drivers for the QuickCam that is embedded in the M1210.

This was a fairly painless process but in case anyone else is searching the wild web and wants to skip the pain, the latest QuickCam driver for the Dell M1210 are available directly from Dell’s FTP site here:

For some weird reason, doing this changed the default audio device for sound. To fix this, open up Control Panel, go to Sounds and Audio Devices, and hit the Audio tab. Make sure default device is set to SigmaTel Audio (or whatever) – mine had for some reason reset itself to BlueTooth audio. You’ll need to restart your applications that use audio after making that change though.

5 thoughts on “Dell M1210 Blue Screen when Connecting iPod Touch”

  1. I fixed the same problem on an Acer notebook by uninstalling the orbicam (webcam) driver. I can’t find the latest replacement driver as yet.

  2. Thanks my friend, you’ve saved me $130 in technician time.
    Everyone: This fix the problem with the ipod and the blue screen for the Dell M1210. Thanks a lot!!!!

  3. Hi David, thanks very much for the fix, I have been struggling with BSOD on my XPS M1210 and iPhone for a while now. But I’ve struck a problem, I downloaded the driver (R151795.exe) using your link but when it went to unzip it I get a message that “this self-extracting zip file is part of a multidisk zip file. please insert the last disk of the set” – is there something I’m missing? Thanks so much…

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