Excellent Guide to Logical Fallacies

A Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere of ‘The Internet‘ has created an excellent e-book (except it’s in PDF) which details 42 common logical fallacies, including some of these classics:

Ad Hominem
Appeal to Authority
Appeal to Emotion
Appeal to Fear
Begging the Question
Guilt by Association
Poisoning the Well
Red Herring
Slippery Slope
Straw Man
Two Wrongs Make a Right

Having spent the best part of the last 10 years or so arguing with people on forums, I feel pretty silly realising only in the last year or so that most of the common arguing techniques actually have been formally classified in this way. Since realising that, it has made arguing on the Internet so much easier.

I’ve copied the e-book (redistribution is allowed), so if you’re interested in expanding your ability to argue on the Internet, it is definitely worth a read. Download it here!

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