Binary Lane – a new hosting service from Mammoth Media

I’m proud to announce that the Mammoth team has launched a new product this week – Binary Lane.

Binary Lane is our new take on virtual private server hosting. Our service Mammoth Networks has been in operation since 2010 and has grown steadily to become a respected name in VPS hosting in Australia, and the mPanel – the software that drives this service – has matured and evolved until it has become, in our humble opinion, one of the best platforms for managing virtualised servers on the planet.

Binary Lane features several significant differences that we thought justified a new brand. The main changes:

  • Binary Lane uses KVM for its virtualisation back end, instead of Xen. This gives us a bunch of great new features – including live migrations, allowing us to almost instantly move guests between host nodes.
  • We’re in a new data centre, right here in Brisbane. We’ve had a great relationship with PIPE (formerly SOUL, formerly Comindico) and have been in that facility for years, but we wanted a local presence in our own city. The new NEXTDC data centre and their DC-as-a-service model really fits what we want to do.
  • New IP transit. Again our PIPE/TPG/SOUL connectivity has been awesome, but getting transit from a single carrier has reduced our flexibility a little bit. We’re working with the unbelievably great team at APEX Networks to provide our transit.
  • All SSD storage. SSDs are the future for server systems. The price has reduced to the point where building entire storage systems out of SSDs is feasible for a huge variety of application types. While bulk data storage is still a little bit away, we feel that the performance offerings of SSDs are impossible to ignore.

The Binary Lane brand is also something that gives us a little more freedom internationally – Mammoth Networks was, for various reasons, somewhat restrictive in the United States :) Startups, let that be a lesson to you – even if your target market is Australia initially, always think about the rest of the world when you start building your brand!

Of course Mammoth Networks isn’t going anywhere – it will still continue to receive all the attention it gets currently. We’ll be doing updates to mPanel that may appear on one or the other site first, but eventually both sites will be updated with any new features that are added.

Big congratulations to our awesome development and operations teams at Mammoth for their really hard work on this project and special mad props to our technical director Nathan O’Sullivan, whose tireless efforts leading the charge have again resulted in shipping another great product.

Oh yeh – we’re so confident you’ll love Binary Lane that we’re offering a free seven day trial. Go check it out, marvel at the speed, wonder at the power of mPanel, and be amazed.

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