“RSS has no value without a filter”

I thought this article by Publishing2.com writer Scott Karp was particularly interesting, as it was basically my thought process more than a year ago when I decided a Bayesian RSS filter would be the only way to fly:

He’s the simplest way I can put it: There is NO value to having information come to you in one place when the result is TOO MUCH information for you to sift through.

Or even simpler: Without a filter, RSS has no value.

It was this exact sentiment that lead to the conception of FeedZero.

FeedZero.com Update – Safari now works

An update for FeedZero was launched today, fixing a few bits and pieces and adding some new features. Main fix for me is that Safari is now properly supported, so it works happily on the iPod touch, making portable feedreading a breeze.

We’ve got a new blog with the juicy details; the blog will be updated whenever we make any changes to the site.

FeedZero in Testing

FeedZero Logo Something we’ve been working on for a while here at Mammoth HQ is now in testing: FeedZero.com. FeedZero is a bayesian filter application for RSS feeds; we’ve been chugging away at it on and off for a couple of months now and its finally ready for some real-world user feedback.

Feedzero attempts to make your digital life a lot easier by helping to mitigate the increasingly common problem of information overload. As you try to keep up with more and more websites, you might find yourself subscribed to many different RSS feeds, with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of news coming at you on a daily basis.

Think of it as a spam filter for the Internet. Check it out.