WackGet v1.2.4 – Now Works on Windows 7 (and Vista)!

After a far too long delay, we’ve finally got a new version of WackGet which works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista!

Big thanks to Andrew at Mammoth Media for throwing his time into getting this updated and working. It turns out there were a couple of bugs that were present in previous versions that just happened to work on previous Windows versions, but the more recent Windows editions wouldn’t put up with that sort of crap and barfed.

Here’s the change log:

1.2.4 – Bugfixes
Corrected a bug related to invalid memory access that caused a crash on Windows Vista/7
Corrected a bug where a download may appear stuck for 10-15 seconds before starting

You can download v1.2.4 here. We’re just packaging up the source code and will have it available shortly.

Update 2012-10-08: A user has reported a bug in this version where pausing and resuming files after around the 6GB mark does not work. I have reproduced this and have confirmed it is a problem in the included version of wget.exe. Unfortunately the wget executable can not just be replaced so it is a bit of work to fix this problem.

I’ll see if I can get someone to fix it but in the meantime if someone is willing to have a crack at it that’d be great (source code is available here).

WackGet v1.2.3

b2 whipped up a modified version of WackGet, upgrading the included version of wget (to version 1.10.2) and including support for SSL. The main reason for the upgrade was to provide Large File Support, which means you can now use WackGet to download things like America’s Army more easily.

We’re currently testing it before doing a more public release, so if you’re interested in helping out with testing please download it here. Leave comments!

UPDATED 2011-08-04: We have a new version of WackGet that now works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Check it out here.